In Praise of Music

Music is sweet balm that soothes my soul.

Soft and low it lulls me to a trance.

Sublime crescendo makes my spirit soar.

Fast tempo drives my itching feet to dance.

Music falls upon my ears as sweet
As wine upon my lips, or a soft kiss.

Music is like gardens after rain,
Or blessed harmony of true love’s bliss.

Music is like mercy, chastity, such virtues,
Pure and clear and gentle as true love.

Music makes me full of joy or melancholy,
Reminisce with sad regret or soar to heights above.

Music is the sound of the tide lapping
On the sand, or roaring of the surf.

Music is the wind-swept trees wild-swaying.

Music is the sound of laughter, sparkling mirth.

Music haunts my dreams, and in the morning
The singing birds wake me to tuneful song.

Music makes my poetry, my passion,
And in life’s stream it carries me along.