Chariots of the Gods

(A fantasy)

I’d fly with you to the door of the sun.
I’d go to the limits of space.

By you, my love, I’ll stand through time,
In any time and place.

Ships of the gods swing low over heaven.

They carry us on to our home.

This planet has run its earthly course.

We head for a virgin Eden.

Chariots wing beside us in form,
Carrying hundreds as we speed on.

Ahead lies the star that will be our new home.

We thunder through clouds of neon.

Afraid yet rejoicing we travel through space,
In awe of our epic journey.

The nightmare of doom behind as we race
Is repeating an age-old story.

The green icing melts on MacArthur Park.

Yellow rain has washed off its glory.

We see it drip down as we surge through the dark.

Though we grieve it’s too late to be sorry.

Our man-made chariots are propelled by the power
God gave us to use in extremes,
To use only when given the day and the hour
When ends would consent to the means.

The planet that dies as we leave it behind
Has died through misuse of this power.

Who knows now what the future will find
Through space dust and nuclear shower?

When we reach our new haven, new earth,
Will we find harsh living, or easy?

Will we pine and fret for the land of our birth,
Or treasure new life bright and breezy?

Will our children grow to regret the loss
Of a planet they never knew,
Or wander a land of golden dreams
Where their every wish might come true?

Beside you I’ll ride to the limits of space,

Though the past may be washed to water.

I have no fear of what Eden we’ll find,
For with you there is hope, love and laughter.