Through history the laws of mankind have evolved
As vexatious problems rose and needed to be solved.

The caveman and his partner first survived alone,
Fending for themselves and offspring ‘til they were full-grown.

To help co-operation family rules came into play.

Consanguinity evolved a tribe as centuries went by,
And further rules were made so all would live in harmony.

Strength to some extent determined seniority.

Each tribe fended for itself and fought against the rest
For territorial hunting grounds. The strongest took the best.

Then tribes grew in dimension and nation states came into being.
The chieftain of a nation then became a king.

The monarch had to have supporters, for uneasy rests the crown.
Lust for prestige and power brought many monarchs down.

Stern rules were put in place and subjects regimented
By rulers anxious for their crowns, though subjects oft objected.

Down through the years perforce through strength of underlings oppressed,
Laws of ownership and slavery and torture were redressed.

Slowly democracy developed – evolution taking place,
Slow unequal evolution of the entire human race.

Still some nation states are backward. Some are tribal.
Some see each other nation as an enemy and rival.

Slowly time will take its toll and men will civilize,
Learn to co-operate, learn to universalize.

Even the most advanced of us still are primitive,
Under our laws of government still compelled to live

In constant war; and we insist on party politics,
One side ranged against another, throwing mud and sticks,

Instead of compromising, of learning to accept
That others’ ideas may have virtue. We have kept

Our tribe mentality in parliament, fighting off opponents,
Not seeing there is wisdom and there’s folly, both components

Of any ideology, When will we evolve and use discernment
Instead of rivalry to decide our rules of government?

The pressure of the people’s vote surely indicates
That it’s time we changed its form once more in our nation states,

And made democracy harmonious, made our representatives agree
On what is best for all of us, not contending endlessly
To have the final say, to insist that they are right.

Hung parliament surely demonstrates evolutionary stalemate.