Avenge Assange

Written 2011

 Stones of Stockholm, wake and cry revenge.
Hurl yourselves against the tarnished law.
Cry out for justice for the man Assange.
Tell the world at large WE ARE AT WAR.

No secrets hide in crevices of rocks.
The stones unturned can now reveal the truth.
The veiled hypocricy that Julian mocks
Will be the target of crusading youth.

Justice denied for diplomatic gains
Will be avenged by all of Julian’s friends.
We know the truth of Sweden’s secret aims,
Mendacious means to gain corrupted ends.

For warmongers and others of their ilk
Was undertaken this most treacherous of missions
To silence Julian, and conceal the guilt
Of Yank militiamen and politicians.

Tarred with the brush they have tarred erring Russia,
The Yanks are guilty of justice that fails.
Like Khordorkovsky Jules is held unjustly
Like so many innocents in U.S. jails.

Demand, protest, for freedom of information.
I call on all the free world’s valiant youth
Of every country, every democratic nation:
FREE ASSANGE. Take to the streets for truth.

March and cry out justice for our champion.
Storm parliament, storm courts and storm the streets.
Don’t let justice be denied intrepid Julian.
Don’t let the humbugs silence Wikileaks.

We’ll shed no drop of blood nor yet be violent
In our non-co-operation with the law.
We’ll keep our revolution peaceful as a covenant
With the values of the man we protest for.

But march, march, march, and shout for justice,
For victory of right, for truth, for Jules.
Stampede the streets whatever it may cost us.
Demand that honesty and right and fairness rules.