Aussie Heroes

Written 2011

 Each instant is infinity
As treading gingerly across terrains
That harbor foes with grim intent
Australian soldiers fight the fears that climb
Unbidden, pounding in their veins,
Each nerve alert, trained to pre-empt danger,
And yet with-hold their fire, training running counter
To every instinct when accosted by a stranger.

Each foot planted with great caution
They prowl inch by inch,
Watching the ground for signs of hidden peril,
Advancing into jeopardy, stifling dread immense,
The measure of each man the courage shown
When facing greatest odds and greatest evil.

Did they know when they enlisted what they faced,
These young men thirsting for adventure,
Idealistically dreaming of a hero’s valour,
Thinking patriotic thoughts, with hearts that raced
With youthful vigour?
No question of their bravery,
But it is as much of folly
That they question not the cause,
Convinced by propaganda that
The enemy is bad and they are good .

Occupying NATO forces mean the best
When risking life and limb,
But the politicians and the military brass
Who send them forth at risk of death or worse
Don’t have to face the test.
Their front-line task is in placating them,
In telling them the war they fight is right.

Lies, lies, you politicians. Lies.
You warmongers besides. Each man who dies
Dies but to strengthen diplomatic ties
And keep in their careers defence C.O.s.

Sticky red on desert sands
Crimson pulses blood from wounded’s veins.
There are blasts and screams and curses
Of insurgent and Australian forces,
And men lie dying in bright scarlet stains.

Pungent red, the blood of Aussie soldiers flowing
Vainly across the desert sand,

Pooling in a foreign land, Afghanistan,
And why? You lie. We know you lie.
The anger’s growing
For our brave young men, a generation
Of fool-hardy but courageous boys
Who are needed to defend in their own nation,
Not on some foreign soil
Where they’re unwelcome,
Making enemies of friends,
Pretending that we serve them.