The Riddle of Creation

Wonders of the Universe by dark night perceived,
Who made you? Are gods and men deceived?

Was Eros born from Chaos, or was Jesus born from God;
Was Krishna born from Vishnu, or the Universe from Love?

The worlds that spin above us in the purple firmament
Could hold secrets of new Edens to be found,
Where angels tread, and Odin walks,
And Selene guards her sweet Endymion
Sleeping on the ground.

Can we inhabit other worlds?

Do we live once dead?

So many faiths and lacks of faith
Believe in a here-after,
Does Heaven program our ideas?

Is some Higher Power our master?

I believe that in the firmament
Swirl forces that are Love –
Cupid, if you must, or Venus, up above.

Our lives are formed from Chaos
Regulated by sweet Love,
As is the whole of known creation,
And all we know nothing of.

There may be other Universes
Beyond the realms of space.

Perhaps one day we’ll find
Another human race.

Zeus, Brahma, Mir, Jehova –
Are they not all one?

Have not men wished for Heaven
Since the moment life began?