The Eternal Question

Good and evil; will they ever be
More or less than measured equally?

Will all our striving ever conquer all
That settles over humankind a pall
Of suffering which we ourselves produce?

Can love of virtue combine to reduce
The combined strength of evil on this earth,
Or will our time end as it was at birth,
With fifty percent evil, fifty good,
In mankind’s hearts, no matter what we would?

Mountains rise and fall, and oceans freeze,
And countries sink and rise upon the seas.

Rain falls, deserts bloom, and forests die,
As eras of mortality fly by.

We argue over who should rule and how,
Obsessed with what is happening here and now.

Should we just hope and love and cease to strive,
Believing naught will change while we’re alive;
Or should we believe that for evil’s growth
Decent men and women must be loth
To try to change the world for all mankind?

Is it that if we try we’ll simply find
Good conquers bit by bit, but evil will
If we are apathetic? Time will tell.

Why take the chance? Why think of self,
When it’s much more joyous to disperse the wealth
Of love and fortune, friendship, trust, and care,
And health, and hope, for all mankind to share?

Why seek a god and treasures laid in heaven?

Why not seek contentment in achieving
An Eden of our making on this planet?

Reach out and love and give until we win it.