Written 1973

God has no identity.

How can Powers that permeate,
Points without volume haunting space,
Be likened to the human race?

God is only energy,
The entity of protons and neutrons.

The poetry of atoms is
The glory of infinity.

God has no morality.

God is WHAT IS.

Men have listened and believed in
Hitler, Christ, and Freud.

Mankind it is who judges
Integrity, hypocrisy or greed.

Love one another, and you will need
No other creed.

But if you need a hope,
A dream of life beyond the grave,
Then listen: science is compatible
With things indestructible –
A wave of light, a wave of sound;
Why not, then, waves of thought,
Waves of power that permeate,
Points without volume haunting space,
Godlike? The answer men have sought
To God’s existence may yet come
With deepened knowledge.

Jung spoke of a sea,
A depth of unplumbed thought
Of sub-subconsciousness outside ourselves
Where on our bodies’ death
Our thoughts return to dwell,
An ocean of free thought
Common to all.

What if this sea were ‘Heaven’?

What if our thoughts were ‘part of God’? –
Part only, for the forces death defying,
Non-space-occupying, eternal, everchanging,
Atom-forming, energizing,
Are life-forces that are God immortal
As much as God is thought.

But now I speak of heaven.
If this sea be ‘heaven’,
This sub-subconscious sea of thought
Swimming in a vast infinity,
Then hell must be but breaths of thought,
And each man’s mind his own Gethsemane.

Thus, each man’s mind, destined for immortality
Must learn to be completely unencumbered,
Free of psychosis or neurosis.

Hell may only be
Insanity beyond the grave.

Speak not of salvation
By some Power from above.

Humanity’s salvation will come
Only through love.

Mankind wreaks his own destruction.

Doom rides on a mushroom cloud.

Hell’s definition is not damnation of the proud,
But the sorrow of the meek,
Whose spirits have been bowed
With guilt, or sick humility, subservience or fear,
Or inadequate resources to strengthen their own minds.

Help each man know and like himself,
And men will save mankind.

Forget your vague religions.

They bring discrimination, wars,
For each religion loves its own,
And scorns the others’ cause.

Why should men suffer, even die,
True to obscure reason for their birth?

Will such pain ensure eternal life,
Or even happiness on earth?

Will mankind never understand
That heaven lies around us?

That sea of thought beyond the grave
Is with us now.

It seethes with psyches like our own,
Yet psyches unrestricted.

Unencumbered with mortality,
They see what we can’t see,
And they would tell us truths that we
Might never comprehend,
Of love, an energy, a power,
Without beginning, without end,
A power of which we are a part,
Small finite breaths, that by our deaths,
May pass into infinity,
Into this sea of energy,
And know that we are God.

What if some spirit messenger
Rose from Jung’s sea of thought,
Who said he brought
A message from beyond the grave?

There was a man said something such.

He said he was the Son of Man.

He toppled age-old values,
Shook social concepts down.

Now he would trample Washington,
And shake the stones of Rome.

This man scorned pomp and power and wealth.
He spoke only of love,
And gave his life, and rose again –
Or so they say – to save us all.

Perhaps he simply said in parable,
That love is indestructible,
That love, like thought, like light, like sound,
Is energy that lives and grows through all eternity,
Though love has entity –its own –
Though we can create love.

If God is love, then man is God.

Hear this, and bear the burden,
And cry not ‘Blasphemy’.

Your destiny is yours, each of you, to fulfil.

Understand, if God was man,
Mankind is not like God.

We create eternity.

Mankind is his own God.