On Moreton Bay

White sails on the ocean; white sand in the bay;
Lovers on the esplanade; young children at play;
Sunlight on the islands; glassy, clear green sea;
Seagulls circling overhead, white, graceful and free.

Pelicans a-gliding; a shag upon the pier;
Fishermen cast lines to catch the fish a-swarming there.
Children walking dogs; an old man sails a boat;
Mothers pushing strollers; a tin dinghy afloat;
Families lighting barbecues; the smell of onions frying;
Laugher, singing, shouting, and a baby crying.
Red sails in the sunset as the shadows lengthen.
Folks packing up and leaving as the daylight’s fading.
Moonlight on the water; alone with thoughts of you,
I wander home and wonder if you’re thinking of me, too.