Song in My Mind

Soft as a zephyr he stole into my life,
Sweet as a sea-breeze in the evening,
Like a spring-time breath of air caressing my skin,
Blowing through my tresses on leaving.

Gentle he was as a song in my mind,
Angelic and golden and laughing.

Softly he wafted and went from my dreams,
And left me pensively grieving,
A dream like a rainbow, just beyond reach,
No matter how far my journey.

The gold at the end of my rainbow I lost;
Soft rain on me only to greet me.

And still his memory plays in my mind,
Soft tableau of colour and rain and mist,
Soft pattern of sunshine and raindrops;
The arch of the rainbow that I never reached,
The dream that I won and then lost.

But winning was all, and that I’ll recall.

I shan’t remember the rest.

I shan’t grieve. The past is gone.

The future beckons, and I move on,
With dreams to plan for and no regrets;
No regrets for a beautiful song.