Love Spell

Fall softly, love, upon the eyelids of my loved one.

Drift softly, love, into his dreams.

Mist round his heart with essence of your fragrance.

Whisper in his ear my voodoo schemes.

Tell him as he sleeps, so that on waking
The man I love will never know
The charms I wove around him to enchant him,
Will blame bold Cupid with his wanton bow.

Surge, love, like the tide at evening,
When moon is full and ocean’s on the rise.

Dash away the dunes of his resistance.
Swirl away the sands that guard my prize.

Sandman, bring him blissful dreams of loving,
Dreams of holding me in his strong arms,
And wafting through the clouds and stars to heaven.

Love, surround him with the perfume of your balms.

And when he awakes may he remember
The dreams that crept unbidden to his sleep,
And long to see and hold and love me,
And be mine forevermore to keep.