Queensland Floods – Christmas 2010

The leveler razes lives of rich and poor,
Sweeping down the rivers and the creeks.
The currents swirl, the muddy ooze slow creeps.
The stink of sewage reeks through every door.

Rivers surge and rooftops are but islands.
Animals are floating drowned along the flow.
Dreams are washed away and townships go
Under-water, leaving only highlands.

Time’s relentless hourglass
Has thrust us all among the weak.
As relentless floodwaters creep,
Against their currents we are powerless.

Now we turn to one another.
Now our neighbour is our friend.
Now until this maelstrom’s end
Every Queenslander’s our brother.

We won’t forget once re-established
What destitution means.
Though we now are cold and famished,
We will restore our dreams.

As you whose possessions are but scanty
Reach out to those with less,
May we all in future bless
Those with little and with plenty.