Night Clubbing

Written 1965

Loud, vibrant music, dancing, laughter, jokes,
Conversing with my girlfriends and flirting with the blokes.

The occasional strong drink – it’s not something that I crave.
I don’t need alcohol to help me misbehave.

I’m a rebel and I’ll dance on any table top.
It’s with sobriety I strip my jacket off,

Do a twirl to music, wave the garment, tease.
I like tasteful boldness – classy, if you please.

Swing around my skirt, show my assets off;
My legs are my best feature, and that’s quite enough.

Spectators clap and cheer. I love an audience.
It’s just the fun that I enjoy. My ego’s not immense.

The music’s swinging, rocking, and I’m swaying in time.
Others get into the mood and onto chairs they climb.

It’s quite a party ‘til the bouncers call a halt.
Management’s annoyed and the stir is all my fault.

As usual I’m escorted from the club, disgraced.
The complaint is that the table and the chairs have been defaced.

Party poopers! Darn them! I’ll find another club,
But I’ve been evicted from them all. Ah, that’s the rub.