February 2020

 Throughout Australia autumn shadows creep,
While round us mankind dies or seems asleep.

On our island, with borders ringed by waters
We are safe, still safer in our quarters,

Locked down against a foe we cannot see,
Cannot fight. Our recourse is to flee –

Flee from the world, hold even friends at bay,
At home, abroad, keep distance, in case we or they

Nurse the dread disease and pass it on.
All conviviality and partying are gone.

Our nation finds a new beginning forced on it, the show-down

Between our powers political, now united in a cause
Which makes them work together, forces them to pause

To think of those they govern instead of just themselves
And their petty disagreements. This perspective delves

Into a new regime, a new democracy –

Consensus – rather than opposing sides
Warring with each other. Our nation’s future rides

On changing of our ways. While the world is self-destructing,
Crumbling into ruin, we can make a new beginning.

Like Phoenix from the ashes may we eventually spring.
With very few to mourn, may the ending finally bring

Sweeping changes:clean air, clean industry, – our very own –
Less waste, more sharing. May the future tone

Of our lucky nation be of mateship and of equity.
May the heart of our nation become united family.

May our youth who by some strange blessing have been spared
This cursed virus, through their travails be prepared

To map out a future in which we lead the world
From the other danger hanging like a threaded sword.

May there be a brighter future beyond this threatened doom.
May Australia lead us onward, guide us through this wintry gloom.