Written January 2020 

Sons of Anzacs, heed the cry
As bushfires rage and embers fly,
As bodies weary, hearts are broken,
As homesteads burn and kinfolk die.

Sons of Anzacs, fight with glory.
Work together side by side.
We will rebuild our burnt-out country,
Restore our dreams with hope and pride.

Let us change our nation’s story,
Build a new and different face,
Change the very course of history,
Learning from our Ancients’ race.

Let us all pool our resources,
Australians old, Australians new,
Elect a government whose course is
To listen, think and act on cue.

We have the power to change our story,
Change our votes and change behavior,
Introduce a new economy
That will be our nation’s savior.

A marketplace of giving freely
Of service, and for needs to fill
Is what we want, and voting duly
To gain a government that will.

Let us put an end to waste,
Use only items we have need of.
Let’s feed the hungry in some haste.
There are needs that go unheeded.

There are folk who need to shelter.
There are children on the streets.
Why is this so, with mansions plethora
And children with surfeit of treats?

Let us give in service ample,
And donate cash if we do have it.
Let’s give from surfeit, or be grateful
That the wealthy give from habit.

The old is banished, burned to ashes.
From it strength and purpose rise.
Mate by mate each shoulder brushes
As when heroes fought the fires.

Underneath The Southern Cross
In towns and suburbs through the nation
Let’s hold a steady, honest course
Helping farm and cattle station.

Let’s heal the wounds and stick together,
Voting Party politicians out.
May Independents rule forever,
It will be a rout.

Let the leader be the Speaker,
Voted for by all the members.
Let all members vote by conscience,
Order rising from the embers.

Let us have a Head of State
Named and voted for by us,
Aussie no matter what his past was,
One who won’t demand a fuss.

Let us build a strong defence force
Of sons of Anzacs of today,
Men of courage, men of resource,
Men who’ll hold all threats at bay.

Let us pledge to be as one
No matter what our land of birth.
Make us under Aussie sun
The strongest nation on the earth.